3 Ways Praise Dancers Can Express their Gratitude in Praise Dance According to A.C.T.S


Today’s focus is “thanksgiving”. We say “thank you” when people display physical acts of kindness but how do we express our gratitude to someone we can’t see?  How do we acknowledge or recognize gestures of endless consideration on a daily basis?

We can base our thanks on what I call the “3 W’s” of Thanksgiving”. The “Ws” stand for; what, when and why.

  1. What can I be thankful for? According to Psalms 136:1 we can be thankful for God’s love and kindness because of its everlasting. When family, friends, co-workers or associates stop showing signs of love and acceptance, we can always count on God to be a constant factor in our life.
  2. When should I be thankful? According to 1 Thessalonians 5:18, we should give thanks in everything. Whether the circumstances are good or bad, we should always be mindful of God’s goodness and how much he cares for you.
  3. Why should I be thankful? According to Psalms 107:1, I should be thankful because God is good.

Watch these three videos below to find out what the bible says about thanksgiving:

  1. What Should I Be Thankful For?
  2. Why Should I Be Thankful?
  3.  When Should I Be Thankful?

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