4 Signs of A Stagnate Praise Dance Leader

I’m going to be brutally honest and say that I get it! I’ve been there, done that and even paid a heavy price for it! I’m going to share with you the 4 signs of a Stagnate leader and what happened to my ministry in the end.

First Sign: No Connection.
 I couldn’t connect the terminology of “praise and worship” to dance because I wasn’t consistent in being a student of the Word. I didn’t read, study, or pray on daily basis. My relationship with Jesus Christ was very inconsistent.

Results: Choose Random songs and choreography based on popularity, performance, and emotions.

Second Sign: Underestimating Responsibility
 As a young adult, I believed my only responsible as a praise dance leader was creatively choreograph selected praise dance songs for church events and Holidays. I didn’t understand that worship, prayer and studying God’s word was the key to being a great teacher and team leader.

Results: Relied on dancers to teach me the importance and purpose of ministry. Accepted any invite that to dance and not minister.

Third Sign:  No Access to Dance.
 I stopped being a student of dance. I figured with my extensive dance resume of professional gigs and projects that I learned all I needed to learn and there was no need for growth. I believe past training and natural ability take me far.

Results: Repeated Choreography, mundane movements, choosing moves that reflected performance instead of worship and a decrease of dancer’s participation.

Fourth Sign. No Passion.
 I became very emotional and lost focus. I became bored. Canceling rehearsals and showed a lack of concern over dancer’s presence.

Results: Decrease of dancer’s participation, ministry abandonment.

These four signs had me abandoned my ministry and join a group of professional dance ministers, which led to a solo ministry. It gave me the delusion that I’d be better off if I did it my way.

If you suffer from any of the above symptoms, please swallow your pride and do the following:

1. Find someone to talk to.
Talk to your pastor and director the of arts ministry about how you feel.

2. Find a Substitute
Find a temporary replacement until you find your bearings in the ministry.

3. Take a sabbatical.
Spend time in prayer and fasting. Seek the Lord for direction on how to move forward.

4. Don’t Waiver.Whatever your final decision, don’t be swayed by public opinion to change. Stay true to what you believe is the right thing to do.

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