A Barefoot, Shieldless Soldier is a dead Soldier

My solo days as a praise dancer were horrible! If anyone asked me to dance, I was quick to say yes and not give a second thought to where I was going. To make things worst, I had no connection or belief in the songs I choose to minister to my audience. I believed in the melody, the beat. I was not connected to the message or the power of God to do his will for his people. I was a Barefoot, Shieldless Soldier who was quickly wounded and killed in battle!

Studying the pieces of armor, I found the importance and purpose of each one.

Shoes of Preparation of the Gospel of peace:
1. protect our feet and go where God would want us to go.
2.  has us to be peaceful with others.
3.  helps us to stand firm and take comfort on the promises of God
4. Prepares us to announce the gospel of Christ to the world

Shield of Faith:
1. Guards our spiritual lives during natural circumstances.
2. Deflects thoughts of worry, doubt, and fear
3. It’s a line of defense to push the enemy backward and fight back to do God’s work *(USING THIS ARMOR REQUIRES YOU TO PHYSICAL RAISE OR LIFT YOUR SHIELD) !

The Consequences of Being Unprepared

Shoes of Preparation of the Gospel of peace:

  1. Not learning the background of where we minister leads us wide open for attack from the enemy
  2. Not knowing how to teach the word of Christ makes us look unprepared and limited on who we are in Christ

Shield of Faith

  1. Without the Shield of Faith, it leaves us upon for the enemy to plague our thoughts with doubt and worry
  2. Without the Shield of Faith, it opens the doors to stress and anxiety and less trust on God’s strength and peace of mind

Leaders, it is imperative that we wear the armor of God to protect ourselves and our team from the attack of the enemy!

Challenge of the Day

1. How can the Shoes of Preparation of the Gospel of peace be applied to your ministry?
2. How could the Shield of Faith protect me against the enemy?

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