Are You Fulfilled With Your Calling As A Praise Dance Leader?

What Does It Mean to Be Fulfilled?

Listening to a sermon this morning, I heard the word fulfillment. The question the preacher asked his congregation was: “Are you fulfilled”? I looked up the definition and it defined the word to be the following: 1. To bring into actuality; effect or make real: fulfilled their promises; fulfilled her dream. 2. To do, perform, or obey (a task or order, for example); carry out. 3. To meet (a requirement or condition); satisfy.

I looked at the first definition and examine the keywords “fulfilled her dream”. I sighed and thought, “No”. My dreams for a physical building that holds hundreds of students had not come to the past.  I looked at the second definition and examine keywords “to do” and “a task”. I thought about my online ministry and happily said, “YES”! I faithfully email my subscribers encouraging emails and biblical principals about praise dancing on weekly basis (as well as try to blog daily). I looked at the third definition and examined the word “meet” and “requirements”. I happily said “Yes” and thought about how I teach the word of God to praise dance leaders as it relates to dance.

Change of Perspective

God had me reexamine the first definition of “fulfilled their promises” and “her dreams. I thought about the class of students I teach on Sundays after church and thought, “Lord forgive me for belittling small beginnings. Forgive for not recognizing the opportunity you placed before me to bless others!”

What was my flaw? I didn’t see myself as a teacher of dance because I wasn’t teaching praise and worship music or the principals of God to others. I didn’t see my dream as being fulfilled because the students didn’t match my desire and criteria.

When I took a second look at the word “their” the light bulb over my head begin to shine brightly. God showed me the following:

  •  I am a teacher of dance. As a certified in Autism Movement Therapy Instructor, I teach autistic students socialization and coordination as it repairs their brains on a cognitive level by using movement.
  • I am “fulfilling the promises” of parents by giving them hope whenever they see their children physically move in dance class. I’m changing the unbelieving mindsets of parents when they heard people say that their children would never have a social and active lifestyle. I’m proving the naysayers wrong when they say these children will never be motivated or understand verbal instructions! God has anointed me as a teacher to affect and change lives.
  • My dream is being fulfilled as a teacher of dance. I am blessed to be dancing in a physical dance studio with had wood floors and mirrors. Though I don’t own the physical building, the studio is a constant reminder that of Numbers 23:19, “God is not a man that he should lie”.  The studio I teach in on a weekly basis helps me stand on Isaiah 55:11, “God’s word should not return unto him void”.

I had to change my perspective and say, “In order to be an effective change in a dark and negative world, you must be the light that represents the love of Christ and believe the impossible can happen! So am I fulfilled? Yes, I am! I am doing the will of the Lord and that’s fulfillment enough.

Challenge of the Day

1. Are you fulfilled as leader of praise dance?
2. Have you belittled your opportunity as a leader because it didn’t fit your desires or frame of thoughts? If so, how?


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