Are You Pressured to Minister or Perform During the Christmas Season?

The Pressure of the Show

As dance leaders do you feel the pressure of choreographing routines for Christmas plays, selecting costumes for dancers, setting the lighting for the stage, selecting the right music or just the burden of out doing what you did the before?

If we can be honest, maybe the Diva or Devo has caused us to be competitive and do the following:

  • Find technical gadgets to add to choreography (i.e. hoverboard)
  • Add glitz and glam to our costumes
  • Hire professional tumblers and dancers to spark up the Christmas play
  • Keeping up with the latest dance trends to keep the dancers from dropping out at the last minute.

If we thought or participated in doing these acts then worry not! All is forgiven! There are 2 ways to prevent this mistake from happening in the future.

We must always be in a position of being the teacher and teaching our dancers that “JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON”!

The accurate date of Christ birth, the debate on whether Christians should celebrate Christmas or the argument of the Christmas tree isn’t the focus. The focus of Christmas should be based on salvation and Reconciliation!

Here are some examples of what Salvation and Reconciliation are based on according to the bible:

  • Salvation is about being delivered from Sin and self (Rom 3:23, 1 John 1:8-10)
  • Salvation is about freedom from past guilt (Rom 6:23, 2 Cor 5:21)
  • Reconciliation is about the restoration of peace (Luk 2:14),
  • Reconciliation offers you peace with God (Isa 53:6)


Challenge of the Day

  1. Teach your dancers the importance of salvation and reconciliation
  2. Create a group dance using the word Peace.

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