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Do You Need to be a Certified Minister to Start a Praise Dance Team?

Some ask the questions: “Do I need to enroll in seminary school before I lead a praise dance ministry at my church? Or “Do I need to be a certified minister to start a praise dance ministry? Watch the video below to see the requirements of starting a praise dance team at your church. Subscribe …

How to Select the Right Praise Song for your Praise Dance Team

Many praise dance leaders and dancers believe that they can select a secular song and transform it into a piece of praise and worship. Check out the video to see why this is a dangerous perspective: Subscribe to this channel. To join my email list and receive a free praise dance workbook click this: link:  

The Missing Link from Praise Dance Ministry

Don’t Believe the Hype Many praise dance leaders believe the following elements will create a successful dance ministry: Great choreography Trained dancers Emotional music These items are all false. If a leader’s definition of success is based on the things I mentioned above then they are sadly mistaken. The best advice King David gave to …