God Used these Pieces of Armor to Finalize my Divorce with the World!

I Was Married to the Wrong Guy

I was introduced to the my husband “TDW” (the dance world) at the age of five or six. He greeted me with open arms and surrounded me with ballet students, with frilly tutu’s and pink shoes. “TWD” taught me the technical skill set behind dance as a child and nothing was wrong with that. It wasn’t until the 80’s, when he exposed me to dance movies like “Flashdance” and “Salsa”. I fell in love with the imagery of choreography on film!  I decided to say, “I do” and make a life commitment to the Secular Dance world when I was exposed to Janet Jackson’s “Control” album. He whispered in my ear and told me that I could be the next Christian Janet Jackson pop star for Christ. I can entertain the world through the latest dance styles, glitz and lights and perform around the world for Jesus.

As time went on he convinced me that  I could be a backup dancer for Madonna and minister the gospel in a “C’mon Vougue” World! The more enticed I became with the pop stars on t.v. and the latest choreography in the music, the more  I mentally committed myself to be like the top icons of that era but for Christ. The words TDW whispered in my ear was the gospel of truth. I believed that all I needed to succeed as Christian entertainer was to have a good heart, train hard in the professional dance world and have faith in God. I believed that this was the “golden ticket” to being a successful Contemporary Christian performer.

It wasn’t until my 20’s, that my dance ministry was asked to minister in Barbados. I’ll never forget the man who prophesied over me and had me divorce my worldly husband. He prophecied how I idolized Janet Jackson and wanted so much to be like her but God had a different plan for my life. He looked at me and said, “GOD CALLED YOU TO MINISTER AROUND THE WORLD”! I was speechless. I was scared and didn’t understand what was happening.My mindset, my mentality, my ties to my worldly husband came to screeching halt. I decided to leave my husband and cleave to someone who was honest and show me my true calling to the world. His name  was”Ministry” and it was then that I embarked on the journey of praise dance.

The Tools God Used in My Divorce

The transition from the Secular performance was very tough. So tough that God literally sent me and new husband on a long sabbatical! He literally sat me down and made me study my husband likes, dislikes and biblical foundation of God’s word as it relates to movement. A crucial component I had to physically experience for myself was the importance of the armor of God! I had to sit down and learn the following:

  •  it was not in my own strength and good deeds that would get the ministry done.
  • it was word of God that taught me the difference between worldly values vs God values in the world of dance

In previous blogs, I pointed out that I ministered HEADLESS, BAREFOOT and without a SHIELD. Looking back, I realized I did not wear my breastplate of righteousness, and the belt of truth.
What is the purpose of these pieces of Armor?

The Belt of Truth:
>it firmly secured a soldier’s weapons in time of battle.
>it firmly secured the truth in Jesus when we stand against the enemy.

The Breastplate of Righteousness:
>protects us from thoughts of doing things in our own righteousness,
>Reminds us that our righteousness comes from our Savior.

Challenge of the Day

  1. How can the breastplate of righteousness help you as a leader of praise dance ministry?
  2. How can the belt of truth be applied to your ministry?
  3. How can these two tools help prevent you from connecting and uniting with the Secular world of dance?

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