Awesome Presentation. As a former praise dance leader I needed this information. It’s like protocol for praise dance. Thank you Angela. I will use your recommendation when Im given another chance to give back –Keva Corbett.

Sis. Angela Williams is not only a Blessing to the Body of Christ, she is a Blessing to the Ministry of Dance. I joined her newsletter in hopes of fellowship and enhancing the tools of ministry. Her daily truths and video tutorials have certainly provided that but the unexpected Blessing was her ministry directly to Dance Ministry Leaders! The Helmet of Salvation series has been incredible and I find it amazing that so many of us as leaders experience similar experiences in our walk in the Lord. Sis. Williams has reminded us that the Armour of God is our covering. We are covered by the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ! Hallelujah!

Thank you so much and may the Lord continue to refresh and Bless you Daily as you Minister to your fellow Ministers of the Dance!! You are Loved and Appreciated. God Bless you! –Cassandra Hollis,
Director, Divine Praise Dance Ministry, Friendship Community Church
Company Member, ViZion Dance Company, Inc.

Angela Williams is a young spiritual professional leader that lives God’s purpose within her praise, her life, her teachings and her testimony…all combined and guided by the Holy Spirit. How can I prove she is guided by the Holy Spirit? Each concept written and taught within praise dance is backed up by the Holy Bible, itself. The Holy Bible is God’s word coming forward within each praise dance and each movement speaks of God’s passion, mercy, forgiveness, faith, joy and love. Praise dance is a live demonstration of what the Holy Spirit can do…it’s not only dance it’s the Spirit of the Lord touching life’s and the miracles God can do within us as long as men can understand that God created everything around us…an beautiful canvas of musical art. We were create for his purpose…
Psalms 150-Patricia Gutierrez of Gonzalez

Your teaching is an answer to my prayers! I started dancing for God in 2013, and at the time I was just dancing to be dancing. I did not yet know the power of my gift and how to take care of it. Your teaching has brought me clarity and has stretched me as a dance leader to answer questions that I had not thought of. I had been praying for a fresh new anointing over my dance ministry because I had felt stagnant in my dances. I was doing the same moves just to different songs and I began to long for more. And soon after I came across your Think Outside of the Box series on YouTube. Your videos have helped me to really start digging and learning more about dance. Thank you and I pray that God will continue to grow your ministry because you are changing nations!!!-Reneasha McElhaney

I really enjoy “Thinking Outside the Box” ministry. Angela’s approach to dance ministry is candid and unique, and her questions are very thought provoking and insightful. Her You Tube videos are honest but never judgmental. She reminds us that it’s OK to be different in Christ, as long as we’re being led by The Lord and sticking to what the Bible says. Very refreshing approach to what could become routine and predictable. Amen!-Afaani A. 

I’ve praise danced to worship dance over a period of 14 years. Not knowing any of what you’ve shared. A lot I have pondered and asked the Lord to lead me effectively. Thank you for sharing what he has trusted to you with all.
#willingobedientandteachable-Antanette Lee

I was working on workshop on how dance should be used as a ministry. I came across Angela ‘s you tube video back in 2014. I was enthusiast that she responded to my email and encouraged me while I was working on the material for dance ministry workshop. Doesn’t matter your location, if God feel there should be a connection, so be it. Woman of God have to encourage one another! Proverbs 31:26…thank you for your words of encouragement and allowing me to think outside of the box. –Tamika Payne, Detroit, Michigan

Following you has truly been a blessing. It’s like having my own one on one workshop class. Some of the stuff l already know, but l had stop doing it, and l really don’t have a reason why l stop. l will definitely bring it back, because it will help motivate us and help me to take the team to another level. What l learned so far l have shared it. Because of people negative attitude, l truly was thinking about giving dancing up, because the God l serve is not in the midst of confusing. So many times l wanted to quit, but by me being the leader l hung in there. When my Pastor decided to give use a break, l was upset at first, but then l were okay with it, because l didn’t have to deal with negative people every week. But! God reminded me that He gave me my gift… So l decided that l’m not going to let God down by quitting. I will continue uses my gift to edified God’s people, horrified the devil, and glorified God. Which l do an awesome job with my gift. Thank you for helping me get that thirsty back, and for motivating me to continue to give God my bless in Praise Dancing.- Madeline Evans

I loved the idea of an on line praise dance school!  An on line certification program? Even better!

And knowing Angela Williams, I knew it would be done in a spirit of excellence.  Starting with prayer and a free Praise Dance Workbook to download, the course was off and running.  With subject matter such as “You thought all you had to do was Dance”?,   Angela touches on every aspect of dance ministry.  The basics are dealt with and are biblically sound and scripture based, addressing topics such as “what is ministry” and “why do you praise dance”?.   Instructions range from prayer that’s relevant to dance, facts about starting a dance ministry and, yes, there’s even choreography. The scope of instruction stretches beyond basic dance ministry,  and weekly challenges do just that;  Challenge you to become all that God has created you to be in the ministry of dance. 

I am thoroughly enjoying this program and I’m certain that, like me, all who participate will constantly be challenged to grow further in the ministry of praise dance.-June Cross, Irvington, New Jersey.