The Pro’s of Being an Afflicted Leader of Praise Dance

Are you familiar with Psalm 119:17, “It was good for me that I was afflicted so that I might learn your decrees”?

The NTL says, ” My suffering was good for me, for it taught me to pay attention to your decrees.

Keywords: suffering and pay attention. I think back on the headaches praise leaders have given me about my ability to teach and choreograph.

What is it about trials and tribulations, challenges, hiccups and bumps in the road that will either make you or break you? What is it about the disputes in life that makes you cry to God and ask: “WHY HAST THOU FORSAKEN ME?” WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?”

Had it not been for people questioning my ability to teach, disrespecting my role as a leader or even commenting that I over spiritualize things, I would have never come up with a plan. Had it not been for dance members leaving the ministry one by one, I would have never reevaluated myself as a leader. Had it not been for stagnate experience of blocked choreography, I would have never become a better teacher.

Could Affliction Be A Good Thing?

I wanted to share my moments and ask leaders the following questions:

  • If we as leaders are never faced with conflicts, then how we will know how to problem solve or deal with opposing dancers who rebel against leadership?
  • If life never hits us with challenges that bring us to our knees, then how can we fall before the Lord in worship and experience his different attributes?
  • If we never experience betrayal, hatred, failure or heartache, how we will learn forgiveness, grace and how to minister to others? How do we learn to be a witness to others or tell testimonies of God’s greatness?

Though confrontations may cause our flesh to ache and throw tantrums that makes us question God infinite wisdom, it is these same trials that matures us in the Lord. It is these tribulations that brings us closer to God and causes us to trust him more. It is this “afflicted” process that pulls us out of ourselves and helps us to “Be the answer” for someone else.

So to answer the question, ” Could affliction be a good thing” ? I would have to agree with Paul and say yes because: “it has taught me to pay attention to God decrees”!

MORAL OF THE STORY: Leaders can’t “Be the answer” to someone else problems if God can’t mature them through the process of life challenges!

Challenge of the Day.

1. Look at the story of Joseph. How was his affliction considered a good thing? How was he created to be the answer for someone else?

2. Do you consider your past and present affliction as a leader of praise dance to be a good or bad thing? Explain why.

3. How can your conflict or affliction as a leader created to “be the answer” for someone else?


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