Think Outside of Box Praise Dance Leader’s Challenge Day 2: Praise Song Selection


Purpose of Challenge

The purpose of today challenge is to help praise dance leaders focus on four major points when it comes to selecting the right praise song. These following points are:

  1. Building a vision and concept.
  2. Developing a habit of relating to the song they selected.
  3. Breaking the habit of choosing a song because it’s popular.
  4. And seeing the importance of explaining their vision to the praise dance team.

Goal of the Challenge

The goal of this exercise is to remind praise dance leaders that the purpose of selecting proper praise songs are to usher people into a state of worship.

Instructions to follow

The challenge consist of four sections that include:

  1. Analyzing keywords and phrases. Leaders are to define keywords and give their own perspective of what the song means to them.
  2. Develop a Concept. Leaders should ponder on a past or current circumstance that helps them relate to the song.
  3. Summarize Experience with Key Word. Find a biblical reference relating to the keywords. Leaders should choose metaphors, adjectives or any word that describes that experience. Next step is to align or match a scripture that relates to that word.
  4. Find a Title. Leaders should label the song based on their experience and not after the title of the song.

Challenge of the day

1. Select a song based on adoration and praise ( tempo of the song isn’t important).

2. Choose an experience that relates or associates with adoration.

3. Select two to four scriptures that relate to the song.

4. Find a title.

5. Explain in two to three sentences how you would sum up you’re the vision to the praise dance team based on praise song selection.

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