Think Outside of Box Praise Dance Leader’s Challenge Day 3: Handling Opposition Pt 1 (Understanding)


Purpose of Today’s Challenge

The purpose of today challenge is to encourage praise dance leaders to operate in their leadership role with confidence When experiencing conflict, drama, and disrespect from praise dancers the key to understanding where the person is coming from.

Goal of the Challenge

The goal of this exercise is to help leaders not take what is said personal but to change their perspective on what is happening at that very moment.

5 Keys to Understanding a Conflicting Person 

When it comes to understanding conflict one must try to grasp the reason for the behavior, become familiar with that person character and show a sympathetic or tolerant attitude, One can handle these conflicting moments in the following ways

  1. Bad day. What experience did this person have before they came to rehearsal? What would cause them to be in a sour mood?
  2. Physical Pain. Are they sick? Are they suffering  from a terminal illness that no one is aware of? Is this their way of crying out for help?
  3. Bad Reputation.  Are they known to be bitter and have  a sour nature?
  4. Projection. Are they taking their personal issues out on you by accusing you strange things (i.e. favoritism, uncaring, being a bully or unfair)?
  5. Hater Behavior1.Are they jealous of your position? Do they envy or covet what you have?

Wise Words for T.D. Jakes

The reason why we don’t like people is because we don’t understand them. If we pray and ask God to give us the wisdom on how to approach and talk to them, then it makes it harder for us to dislike that person’s character.

Challenge of the Day:

  1. Write down a conflicting scenario that you are experiencing in your ministry?
  2. Write down how that makes you feel?
  3. Write down possible reasons this person may be behaving this way?
  4. Pray. After you’ve prayed write down 3 ways you can handle that problem.

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