Think Outside of Box Praise Dance Leader’s Challenge Day 4: Team Devotional


Purpose of Today’s Challenge

The purpose of today challenge is to remind praise dance leaders the reasons why it’s important to having biblical devotions with their praise dance team.


Encourage leaders to start having five to fifteen minutes of devotions with their praise dance team by teaching them the purpose of ministry as it relates to dance movement.

4 Reasons Why it’s Important to Have Team Devotional

  1. Dancers need to know who God is
  2. Dancers need to know the meaning of Praise and Worship
  3. Dancers need to know what ministry means
  4. .Dancers need to know how to relate or connect ALL OF THE ABOVE to dance.

It’s Your Duty to Serve Your Team

As leaders, it is a disservice NOT to minister to the needs of your praise dance team! As leaders who lead others in ministry, we must remember that the gift God has blessed us with is not for us but to serve others. We can serve our team by doing the following:

  1. Use your personal devotional as a guideline.
  2. Teach your team the different names of God.
  3. Turn your praise dance song into a mini bible study.

Challenge of the day

Do a Pop Quiz with your praise team. Ask the following questions:

  1. Who is God to you? (have them explain it in their own words)
  2. What do praise and worship mean?
  3. Why do you praise dance?

Special Note .  

If your team doesn’t know WHO God is, WHAT praise and worship is or WHY they dance; then you have your homework cut out for you. Begin to teach on the WHO,WHAT, and WHY!

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