Think Outside of Box Praise Dance Leader’s Challenge Day 6: (5)Ways to Structure Your Praise Dance Rehearsal (Pt 1A) Prayer: Wisdom and Strength


Purpose of Today’s Challenge

The purpose of today’s challenge is to break down the key components of prayer when leading a team of praise dancers.


The goal of this challenge is to teach leaders how to nurture their praise dance team without using their own knowledge and physical abilities to the point of exhaustion.

Focus of the Day: ( Wisdom and Strength)

Wisdom is about fearing the Lord and having a holy reference for His word. In the New Testament, Paul shows this wisdom to his fellow brothers by displaying appreciation, affirmation, and effectiveness. Appreciation and affirmation require an acknowledgment and gratitude for participating in the ministry. Effectiveness focuses on making an impact of change by speaking words of life and affirming our fellow saints about their identity in Christ.

Strength helps us to rely on the holy spirit by remaining humble and depending on the God to supply us with his strength and not our own.

Challenge of the day

  1. Choose two ways you can display acts of appreciation and affirmation to your praise dance team.
  2. In what ways can you be effective towards your praise dancers?

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