Think Outside of the Box 30 Day Praise Dance Leader Challenge Day 10: Handling Opposition Pt 3 (Set the Record Straight)


Purpose of Today’s Challenge

The purpose of today challenge is to help leaders notice complaints and come up with solutions.

Goal of the Challenge

The goal of this exercise is to help leaders pay attention to the importance of rules and regulations within their praise dance ministry.

4 Major Problem Areas for Praise Dance Leaders 

There are four major areas that I believe praise dance leaders have been criticized for. The following areas are:

  1. Tradition
  2. Dance Movements
  3. Lack of understanding
  4. Rehearsals

4 Quick Solutions to a Dancer’s Complaint

It’s the leader responsibility to come up with solutions. The following solutions are:

  1. New Management. Remind dancers that the day of old is in the past.
  2. Be a student of dance. To prevent states of stagnation in choreography leaders must take dance classes, go to praise dance conference or invest in praise dance videos and practice what they learn.
  3. Explain Your Mission. To separate you from other ministries and establish your leadership role, missions and goals must be stated before for the team.
  4. Establish Order.  Leader’s must determine the number of excused and unexcused absents from a  rehearsal before dancers can participate in ministerial engagements.

Challenge of the Day

1. Create 3 rules for each category that doesn’t  make room in the areas;

  1. Tradition
  2. Dance Movements
  3. Lack of understanding
  4. Rehearsals

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