Think Outside of the Box 30 Day Praise Dance Leader Challenge Day 11: Handling Opposition Pt 4 (Ask for Public Assistance)


Purpose of Today’s Challenge

The purpose of today challenge is to help leaders take control of their environment.

Goal of the Challenge

The goal of this exercise is to help leaders see what they have in front of them and use it to their advantage.

Leader’s Tool Box

There are two important tools that leaders always had access to but aren’t aware or know how to use them.

  1. The Referee. Leader’s must take the mature route and learn how to manage conflict, delegate authority and responsibility and apply the law. The following examples include:
  • Manage Conflict-talking to the person.
  • Delegate Authority-Empower others to lead and identify their responsibility.
  • Apply the Law-Lay down rules and hold people accountable.

2.  Group Therapist. The second greatest tool a leader can use is their rehearsal space as a moment to turn their crisis into an opportunity. This can be done in three ways;

  • allowing conflict to impact the conversation.
  • allowing conflict to make the leader conscious of the team morale.
  • allowing conflict to make the team uncomfortable.

Challenge of the Day:

  1. Name two ways that you can referee conflict.
  2. Name two therapeutic methods you can turn conflict into an opportunity,

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