Think Outside of the Box Praise Dance Challenge Day 1: Choreography


Recap of Choreography

In previous blogs, I have spoken about choreography but didn’t focus on the keywords and set up a formula for leaders who wants to create a dance piece.

The definition of choreography is; the art and practice of choreographic sequence. The definition of the source; is someone or something that provides what is needed (i.e a source of strength).

The Formula to Create a Master Piece

The combination of choreography and a source is: find something that motivates or inspires you to communicate an emotional and physical expression. The type of sources you can use to trigger a response is:

  • Images (photos, magazines, books etc)
  • Music (live instruments, a recording of a favorite artist, band etc)
  • Sound (sounds of nature, noise from the city, country etc)
  • Words ( poetry, sermon, lines from a movie)
  • Research

Challenge of the Day

  1. Find any type of image to create movement.
  2. Discuss why you choose this image.
  3. Can you relate this image to praise dance?
  4. Create 8 to 16 movements without using music or any type of sound. Create movement by looking at the picture.

Watch the video:

Think Outside the Box Praise Dance Challenge Day 1: Choreography

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