Think Outside the Box 30 Day Praise Dance Leader Challenge Day 22: 6 Ways to Keep Teens Interested in Ministry Pt 4 (Movement Dialogue)


Purpose of Challenge

The purpose of today’s challenge is to teach leaders how to connect praise, worship, and God to dance.

Goal of the Challenge

The goal of this exercise it to teach leaders different types of creative exercise that will increase interest in praise dancing, studying the word of God and decreasing the number of drop out within the ministry.

How to Keep Em Coming

Teens have very short attention spans if whatever they are engaged does not peak their interest, keep them motivated or bring results. As teens get older and head towards their junior or senior year of high school, they become involved in other extracurricular activities. Here are two ways that you can keep them coming to praise dance rehearsal and keep them engaged spiritually and physically:

1.Explore the Word

Purpose of this exercise is to explore movement through scriptures associated with praise and worship


a.Body (arms, knees, head, shoulder)

b.Time (fast, slow, still)

c. Space (levels-low medium, high)


Goal: Add praise and worship scriptures to body movement

  1. Choose a scripture. Have teens read it aloud.
  2. Discuss scriptures and its meaning .
  3.  Break teens into a group of three of five.
  4. Follow the formula  (Body+Time+Space)

a. Body. Instruct teens to move a certain part of the body express praise.

b.Time. Instruct teens to move in at a certain pace (fast, medium or slow)

c. Space. Instruct teens to explore the space and move at certain levels (high, medium or low).

5. Instruct teens to create 16 counts without movement.

2. Dance and Response

Goal: Instruct teens to express in their own way the different names of God.

  1. Review the Hebrew names of God.
  2. Choose a name to discuss with your team. Make sure to add scriptures.
  3. Instruct teens to form a circle.
  4. The leader should stand in the middle of the circle. Demonstrate how to create a movement expressing the name of God.
  5. Instruct the dancers to mimic your movement.
  6. Once you’ve done the exercise, shout out different names of God and it’s meaning.
  7. Volunteer a dancer to stand in the middle of the circle and create a movement to express the name of God.
  8. Instruct the outer circle to mimic the move of the dancer in the middle of the circle.

Challenge of the Day

  1. Use these exercise to create a praise and worship movements.
  2. Instruct the teens to journal this experience in their journal
  3. Instruct and encourage the group to share with others what they wrote in their journal.
  4. Have a group discussion.

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