Think Outside the Box 30 Day Praise Dance Leader Challenge Day 29-30:Do You Have What it Takes to be a Leader?


Purpose of the Challenge

The purpose of the challenge is to review the last the 30 days of the challenge and ponder on the leadership role.

Goal of the Challenge

The goal of the challenge is take two days to reflect on the heart of leader by focusing on four questionable key words that consist of the following; motive, attitude, moral and behavior.

Challenge of the Day

  1. Motive. What are you reasons for leading the dance ministry? (Is it based on reputation, position or monetary gifts).
  2. Attitude. What are your mannerism when you leading your praise dancers and assistants (Are you approachable? Do you appear nice, kind, cold, warm or proud).
  3. Morals. What principles are you abiding by when leading the praise dance ministry? (Does your position and choices reflect the ministry or your agenda).
  4. Behavior.How do you conduct yourself when leading others? ( Do you yell when dancers mess up choreography, are you empathetic when rehearsals are missed or dancers drop out due to emergency or family issues).

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