Think Outside the Box “Put On Your Armor” Series: The Helmet of Salvation

I Lost the Heading But Contest

8 years ago I ALLOWED the enemy to poison my thoughts with fear, doubt, and insecurity. I ALLOWED the seed of Discouragement to take root in my inner soul. The key phrase that sent me to my grave were:

Back then I didn’t know the effect of words and how it can literally kill who you are on the inside. Those planted words opened doors of doubt, fear, and discouragement.

Every time I danced in a local professional company, I froze. I got scared. I couldn’t retain choreography. So I stopped dancing and decided to teach and choreograph instead. The enemy head butted me with thoughts such as:
>You’ll never be as good as the other dancers because your too old.
>You’re out of shape and will never be able to kick your leg that high
>You’re gonna mess up the choreography and people will notice.
>People will notice you are a bad dancer.
>You’re not a professional dancer anymore, why are you still dancing.
>You look really stupid on stage dancing.
>You’re not anointed to dance.

I lost the fight because I didn’t where the Helmet of Salvation.
I didn’t use the word of God to fight the enemy. I was emotional and believed that if I ignored those comments and have self-pep talks that I would be okay, but that wasn’t the case.
Challenge of the Day
1. What head butting contest are you in with the enemy (is it emotional, spiritual, physical or social)?
2. How you can you apply the helmet of salvation within the head but contest with the enemy?

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