You Can’t Photoshop Your Role A Praise Dance Leader!

The Perks of a Retouch

What I love about social media is that we can post the videos “we” like. We can delete, photoshop, lighten or darken any parts of our body parts, position ourselves in the right light to make ourselves look FABOULOUS and the list goes on and on. We can post pictures of our dance team in their beautiful garments, post pics of their smiling faces and them hugging one another and having fun. We can show all the highlights and victories of our dance ministry but what about the “valley” and “downfalls” moments that leaders experience?

The Sunday congregation sees the dance ministry elegant garments. They give standing ovation when the choreography is on the beat and in sync with the music. The audience is slain in the spirit and delivered the right movement hits the perfect chord or melody of the song we selected. But what they don’t know or see is: the struggle to get the praise dance garments, the work you endure to create the movement or the prayer and fasting for a move of God.

In the real word life to doesn’t responds to delete buttons, photo editing, or spell check. We can’t back space or erase life mistakes, failures, ups and downs and trial basis as a leader.

Why? Because it’s the learning process, the stumbling, the mistakes and failures that help us to grow into our purpose.

Challenge of the Day

1. Are there moments in your ministry, you wish you could photoshop or redo just to paint a pretty picture? Why or Why not?

2. Look at the character David.  Would deleting his life as a shepherd boy made him a good or bad king? Why or Why Not?

3. If you were to go back and photoshop your worst experience as a praise dance leader, would you be who you are today?

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