Your Heart Won’t Win the Battle

How many of us are guilty of becoming upset whenever a dancer questions and second guess our ability to lead?

How many of us can honestly say, that we mentally use “colorful” provocative language when dancers are lazy and complain about the format of rehearsal or choreography?

How many of us want to take a year-long sabbatical when the number of dancers decrease due to school, family or summer activities and never come back?

I can be transparent and say I’ve experienced it all!  I’ve had the EMOTIONAL CONVERSATIONS with God and cried, whine and questioned why me.  I IMMATURELY accused God of setting me up for failure, embarrassment and simply wasting my time.  As far as relating to the emotional struggle of leadership let me tell ya, “I’ve been there, done that”!

Wrong Perspective & Strategy vs Right Perspective & Strategy

Reflecting on days of immaturity I can see why I lost so many battles!

Wrong Perspective: God was punishing me and didn’t want me to be successful with the praise dance ministry.

Right Perspective: God was using trials and obstacles to grow my faith and learn how to manage conflict.

Wrong Strategy: Attacking God with your WHY’s” and “HOW;s” or amplifying your circumstances.

Right Strategy: Speak God’s written word into the atmosphere and over your mind.

Matters of the Heart have no place in leadership. If you don’t have a word based mindset, then you give the enemy every opportunity to kill, steal and destroy who you are and what God has destined you to do. Emotions have no room in the area of leadership. Leadership requires a Word-mindset, not a heart mindset.

Biblical Proof:
Notice how God spoke the word and not his emotions.
>Jesus and the Wilderness-Matt 4:4,7, 10.
>The Creation of the World-Gen 1.

If you are feeling insecure and doubting your identity in Christ ask for wisdom. Remind yourself who you are in Christ (Ephesians 2:8-10 ).

Principal of the story: Speak the Written Word and not your emotions!

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